Label: Acting Press [All]

CC Not - Geo Fi

CC Not

Geo Fi

Exciting release on this new label delivering some leftfield techno tracks going from dusty introvert house to melancholic aquatic techno. Nice!!

12inch Acting Press: PRESS001 remind

Attitudes In Error - Vplay Ep

Attitudes In Error

Vplay Ep

Beautiful IDM from the nice Acting Press label. First edition comes with a nice poster. Dont sleep.

12inch Acting Press: PRESS003 remind

Globex - INVERSIA 1



Reflection in the listening environment is an important part of the loop to endure in order to maximize the utility of having experiences. Rather than...

12inch Acting Press: PRESS004 remind

Xali’p - Glass Horizon


Glass Horizon

*** 1 copy per customer *** Because Sometimes you need to put the drum machine away. *** 1 copy per customer ***

12inch Acting Press: PRESS005 remind

PLO Man - Powerline



**1 copy per customer** Deep!

12inch Acting Press: PRESS006 remind